Change your habits, transform your body

At NikelleFit, we strive to TEACH you and give you the tools you need to change your body and your mindset. Through custom one on one nutrition and exercise coaching, and video training courses, we're a one stop shop to help you find the confidence and knowledge you've been looking for. 


It's so true that abs are made in the kitchen. Exercise can never outweigh a bad diet, so if you are looking to really transform your body, focus on nutrition! Check out our blog for the latest info and tips on creating the perfect diet. 

No Two Are The Same

No two people are the same, so why would you have a plan that was made for "everyone"? You fitness and nutrition SHOULD be designed specifically FOR YOU. And that is exactly what we do. 


I am EXTREMELY passionate about health and fitness, and helping others find the strength and confidence they have been looking for! My personal life revolves around fitness and feeling GOOD about myself. My long term goal is to help others do this full time as well! 

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Normal People With Big Messages

Macro and Exercise Plans

Build from scratch for your body, your metabolism and your life style. Includes your FAVORITE foods and never eat something you hate!

Includes weekly check ins, get answers and help anytime, and weekly plan changes.

Made from scratch for you! Includes your favorite exercises, never do long exhausting cardio, and always see results!

Takes your goals and limitations into consideration

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