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The following is an excerpt from the book I am currently writing which will be available in 2019.

What We Do

NikelleFit is dedicated to finding healthy and sustainable health and nutrition plans that are customized to each person individually. Not only are plans customized to YOUR body, but they are are also tailored to your life! On the go, stay at home, and anything inbetwee, plans are created to add value and confidence to your life, not to make it more difficult. NikelleFit is there at all time for any challenges you may encounter both mnetally and physically, because we know that the mental changes you will incur are just as significant and the physical ones. NikelleFit is all about doing heath and fitness YOUR way, making it an enjoyable experience and always keeping you informed! Because knowledge is power! "All I want to do is help people change their lives and give them the tools and information they need to do that. I only want to make a difference". 

My Story

So why should you listen to anything I have to say?  Well I have a decent athletic background, I have struggled with my weight, I have been NASM certified as both a personal trainer and dietician, and I have overcome all of my biggest fitness weaknesses all while being a busy full time mom with 2-3 stay at home jobs. So in short, I’ve been there done that, and now I’m just looking to pass on the information I used and NEEDED to smash my goals! 

            My athletics started at age 5 when I started many sports; gymnastics, softball, volleyball, swimming, dance, etc. The one that stuck with me was volleyball. At age 11 I started on a competitive level club team and even being a year younger than the rest of the girls and made it to the junior Olympics. Every year after that up until my 18s year I played on a top level team and we ranked 1stin Colorado for our age division each year. Each year we made it to the Junior Olympics, one year winning a silver medal. I finally was offered a volleyball scholarship to play in California. Here’s why that is important in who I am. It taught me dedication and perseverance at a young age. I started off my journey at a disadvantage.

            I was born with something called congenital cataracts.  At age 3 I had a major eye surgery where they replaced my lenses (the hard round disk inside your eye) with fake ones. My brain never was taught to see correctly, and therefore I am roughly 20/200 without contacts and 20/40 WITH, and that is the best I will ever see. I also have bad depth perception due to this. So I fought against my eyes my entire volleyball career, but never let that get in the way. I wasn’t able to use that as an “excuse” to not play well, because there was someone behind me ready to take my spot.  So I sucked it up, and held myself to the standard everyone else was at.  

            The second problem I came across was my height. When you think volleyball, you probably think “tall”. Yep, almost all the girls are tall, and I am a whopping 5’ 3”.  I was clearly much shorter than the other girls, so I was put in the back. No problem right? Well, any coach was on the edge of their seat to take a tall girl and let her play in the back if she was any good back there. (AKA take my spot) So I didn’t just have to be as good as the taller girls, or even better than them. I had to be MUCH better than them so there was never a comparison. So here I was, the short blind girl playing a sport with a small ball for tall kids. Guess what? I sucked it up. Because there wasn’t another option. My dad taught me that quitting was never an option. 

            As I got older, I started to gain weight. My hormones went crazy and I put on a lot of weight starting in 8thgrade. By 10thgrade I weighed 160lbs. By then my family and coaches were constantly bringing it up. I really tried everything at the time and started hating myself because I couldn’t lose the weight. I would go through stages of not eating and binging. By my junior year I started eating healthier and got up at 5am to workout, and also had 3hr practices 4x a week. I STILL couldn’t lose the weight. I believe much of it had to do with a hormone imbalance. 

            My senior year I entered a pageant that required a one piece swimsuit portion. This is the first time I really decided I was going to lose weight, and low and behold, I lost about 15lbs in a few months by really watching what I was eating. I was still 140lbs and was “thick”, but I was much happier. I was strong and had a lot of muscle from the years of heavy lifting. 

            After I had decided to not take my volleyball scholarship to California, I came home and started college in Colorado. Half way through my 1styear, I got pregnant and got engaged. My husband and I got married the November after we graduated high school and had our daughter (who is now two and a half) the following May. The day I had her I weighed almost 200lbs. I gained 55 lbs… And by the time I was 6 months post partum I was back down to my pre-baby weight and by 9months post partum I was almost 10lbs under my pre-baby weight. I lost that weight through breast feeding, hormone balancing and finally eating healthy and daily exercise. After that I got my NASM certification in dietetics and training. 

            I started another journey when I saw girls in sparkly bikinis with AMAZING physiques! I knew I wanted to take my fitness to that level. So I strated doing research and found macro counting- which is what you will learn in this book! I started to lose weight by counting my carbs fats and protein intake daily. I was still eating great food and making progress! 

            Then I hit another bump. I had to have knee surgery. They removed a large tear in my meniscus and 3 weeks later I was training again. I want to be 100% transparent with you in this book. At this time I was already going through a lot. I ws having a very hard time in my marriage, I was trying to learn who I was while also learning to be a good mom. My baby was very difficult. Much more needy and cried ALL the time and didn’t sleep through the night until well after she was 2. She would never eat, didn’t gain weight, and then had some health problems that led us to quite a few visits to childrens hospital. It was financially tight, I was trying to become a realtor and ALSO do a job from home to help support us while being a full time mom. I even started online personal training through this. Everything that could go wrong did, and I was (and STILL AM) a giant stress case. I decided my health and happiness was worth a shot at adding ONE MORE THING. Prepping for a bikini competition. 

            I didn’t have the money for a prep coach so I decided to do it myself. I started a 24 week prep, which is SIX months! I weighed my food, did my strenuous daily exercises, and tried to not cheat, though it definitely happened. I  went from 20% body fat to sub 12% and it was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I almost quite a few times, and I am so glad I didn’t. I had my competition, and found out that out of 95 female contestant I was the ONLY one without a prep coach. I only took 3 posing classes, which were free group classes. And for some reason, this gave me more confidence. Because I did it all by myself, and I knew that was special. I had no idea what I was doing but when I went on stage and made my presence known. I was very confident and knew even if I wasn’t, I had to act like it. Sometimes you just have to fake it, because the only other option is to show your doubts, and that does nothing for you.

            I competed in two divisions; first time ever and novice (my height class 5’2-5’4” which is class B). I took 2ndplace in first time ever and 1stin novice B which let me compete for the overall title! I took second in the overall. I did this because I had to guts to start something I had never done and faced my fears. I told myself daily my goals were bigger than my fears and quitting did nothing for me. I am currently reverse dieting and hoping to compete again next year in a qualifying show. 

          Why Is any of this important? Because my goal is to show you that I can relate and I know how to help you like I originally helped myself and like I continue to help thse who come to me for help and support!