2021 Goal Setting Sheets

I hate new years resolutions. I find they are too brash, too unattainable, or based around something that really isnt that important to the person making it. I DO, however, LOVE goal setting! I believe goals and achievement are the roots for a happy and fulfilled life. I'm constantly trying to find better way to goal plan, new ways that make the goal more attainable, or more tangible. Having a big goal (or rather a big dream) like "I want to make 1 million dollars" sounds nice, but it has zero backing. Its so big, its daunting. There no steps to get there. And honestly, it just sounds like a wish rather than something we can actually accomplish.

A better way to go about that goal, would be to break it down into much smaller goals. And then PLAN steps to accomplish each SMALLER goal. Then we have a plan, and steps to get to the big goal. The steps can then be SCHEDULED weekly, daily, or monthly.

I made a few PDFs for myself in regards to general goals as well as fitness goals/planning. I found them SO helpful in my own life, I just had to share them somewhere for other people who are looking to set goals and take action!

I truly hope you find them as helpful as I have!

_2021 Goals_ (1)
Download PDF • 17KB

This sheet is meant for you to put your BIG goals! You can take each box and label them a different category. Example: I have personal fitness goals, fitness business, Motivational speaking, financial etc on mine, and I have all my big goals listed in each box.

Personal Fitness Goals
Download PDF • 36KB

This document is meant to take your big goals you listed on the previous page, and break them down into STEPS and gives you a date to be completed by for ACCOUNTABILITY! Goals are not goals if they have no date. They're like a fart in the wind.

GYM (1)
Download PDF • 38KB

This one if for my fitness enthusiasts! I found this very helpful to plan my workout splits (glutes monday, shoulders tuesday, etc) and my rest days. I also find it very important for me to write down my personal records for my lifts, or my best times, so I can progress and push myself harder each week/month to beat my previous. And of course, the last box is for generalized small fitness goals. Examples on mine are to stretch, to get x number of pull ups, etc.

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