Deciding To Compete In A Bikini Competition?

If you're here, you probably found this link in an ad, so I want to make my opening short and to the point. I decided to compete in a bikini competition for a few reasons. If this immediately sounds like you, this may be a great fit!

1. I like challenges that test just how strong I am

2. I had never achieved a "stage ready" body, and I wanted to see if I could REALLY do it

3. I already loved working out and nutrition

4. I really did get caught up in pictures of sparkly bikinis on pinterest...

5. I wanted to prove to myself I could do anything I set my mind to.

6. I wanted to do it and show others they could do it too! I believe if it has EVER been done, it can be done by you, too.

Those are the top 5 reasons I was compelled to do a show (I'm not including my sparkly bikini comment- pretend I didn't say that). So long story short, yes I did it! As a 21 year old FULL TIME mom, married, working 2 full time jobs from home, and still taking care of daily house chores while trying to start a business from the ground up, I freaking did it.

And I didn't just get on stage and think "well I don't look like everyone else, but oh well I tried my best", I mean I got up there confident as HECK because I looked great! I put in the work. Oh, and did I mention I did it without a coach that costed between 2-5 thousand dollars? (Yes, competition coaches normally cost that much...) I coached myself, and CONTINUE to coach myself because I proved it to myself, and now my CLIENTS, that my approach and system WORKS. (And NO, I don't cost anywhere near that much) Click here to check out the shop page for more info on bikini prep coaching

What Do You Get Out Of Competing?

This is probably subjective, but this is what I have gotten out of them.

I found out I can do anything.

I managed to get down to sub 12% body fat through diet and exercise while I had a FULL crazy life going on. I had a 2 year old when I first started, she never slept through the night or took naps, I never had babysitting, I was trying to start a business, I worked a job as a real estate agent as well as from home for a construction company, I had a hard new marriage going on, and STILL i found a way to put myself first for a little bit of time every day to achieve my goals. My life will *knocks on wood* probably never be that crazy and stressful again, but if I can do it in that situation, I CAN DO FREAKING ANYTHING!

I found out just how strong I am- and that is LIBERATING

I won't lie, competition prep takes a lot of will power, a lot of dedication, and a lot of something you might even know you had. Finding time for 5 workouts a week, and not just going through the motions, but going all out every work out (well thats the goal... HA!), and prepping 3 meals a day and 2 snacks, and controlling cravings, and saying no to going out or staying in because you have to get your leg day in? I know that sounds scary, but instead , think about what it's like when you DO all that! When you look in the mirror each morning and it's like unwrapping a present that was mined from your determination? You really find out what youre made of, because prep can be the hardest thing you might ever do.

My Confidence Sky Rocketed

I never asked myself "Do I look okay in this?" I never questioned what was healthy or not, because I had gained SO MUCH knowledge. I never said "Maybe I'm just not cut out for this" about any of life endeavors after I competed. My confidence wasn't;t just body confidence, but it was confidence in knowledge, in myself, in my strength, in my decision making, IN LIFE. Im not exaggerating, after my first show, I felt like a new person.

I Found An Amazing Health Related Hobby

This life altering "hobby" that kept me healthy. It gave me awesome nutrition "hacks" and taught me how to have a good relationship with food and know how to eat for my body and my goals. There are only a handful of hobbies that you do for fun that gets you in shape like competing does!

It Shows Your Hard Work No One Sees- Even if you hate sparkles

I just happen also like sparkles, but if It was required to get up there in a chicken suit I'd still do it. Because as much as i love getting dolled up with hair and makeup, its really about showcasing how freaking strong you were. Its about showing off the blood sweat and lots of tears you shed to achieve a goal. It's about showing off all the hard work that no one sees because they are sleeping while you're kicking A**.

So, maybe you're jiving with all of this. You're sitting there nodding year head saying "yeah! I like this!" I hope I just hooked you or sparked something in you! My career goal at this point is to HELP YOU feel all those things. The confidence, knowledge, I can do anything attitude, as well as get your butt up on a stage in a sparkly bikini and heels and look AMAZING. Have you ever seen your abs? We'll find them, don't you worry.

Send me a message or email me at and lets talk about your goals, cost, what it entails, and see if I am a good fit for you to get you stage ready! Because competitions are about so much more than just your body.

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