Fitness And Mental Health During Quarantine

This is such a talked about subject right now, I questioned if it was even worth writing about it. But then I reminded myself, everything has been done at least once before, but not by ME. People reinvent things, or word things in a way that other people understand it better, so its worth a shot.


There are so obviously so many reasons to exercise, but the one I want to focus on NOW during this pandemic, is the mental health aspect. Of course everyone wants to stay in shape and NOT gain the quarantine 15, but the one that I see really effecting everyone the most is the stripping away of our therapy. For many people, whether your an athlete or just love fitness, exercise is an outlet. Its better than counseling or sex. Yes I said it. Shoot me. But its the truth for a lot of people.

If you're like me, it may be your only outlet, so having this abruptly taken away was devastating. That doesn't mean we didn't overcome and adapt like we have had to do in many situations in our life, but it made handling this pandemic and the uncertainty in the world that much more difficult to handle. Of course the health and well being of our nation is of MOST importance, but what about our mental well being as well? Dr Mike DeBoisblane stated "We have seen a years worth of suicide attempts in the last 4 weeks". Of course these are not all due to the fact we cant exercise, but the lack of movement is really taking its toll.

Luckily, many states are starting to re-open! Woohoo! But if you're either in a state or location that has not yet had gyms open, or you're not comfortable going to the gym yet, I wanted to share the biggest tips on exercising during this time.

Side note: The tips I'm about to share I really feel work and so important. Using these, I have been able to foster my mental health for the last 3 months and continue to prep for my bikini competition. I've gained some muscle and lost 8lb alone during this pandemic. So I PROMISE you it IS possible!

  1. Keep a routine: Even if you didn't have an exact routine before, start one! Workout at the same time every day. Have the same ritual before you workout. Maybe eat/drink the same pre-workout snack. Example: I used to take my pre-workout then drive to the gym. When I got there, Id sit in my car and listen so a few minutes of a podcast. I still do all of that. I take my pre-workout, I move my car from the garage to the parking at the end of our town homes, and I sit int here for a few minutes. It helps me mentally prepare!

  2. Something is better than nothing: I used to think what a waste of a gym session it was if I didn't have a killer workout. But now, if I can get in a good 3 exercises for 3 sets each, I'm happy. Right now try going harder, for shorter periods of time. It keeps your attention more and it doesn't draw out the workout.

  3. Write it down: I'm someone who can walk into a gym without my workout pre-planned and be JUST fine. But not in quarantine. I have to write out exactly what I'm doing and for how long/how many reps/sets. If I write it down, i'm much more likely to actually get it done than quitting half way through because I'm tired and the dog is barking and my daughter needs more juice. So write it out!

  4. Switch it up: There are so many possibilities when it comes to workouts! Here are just some examples. CrossFit workouts, Pilates type workouts, resistance band workouts, running, stairs at the park, yoga, HIIT training, biking. The list could go on. If you need exact workout ideas, try googling any of the aforementioned workouts! The internet is not in a shortage of exercise routines.

  5. Limit distractions: Okay mommas, you're laughing at me. I'm laughing at me, too. This is more for those that have older children, or don't have them. OR have a consistent daily babysitter (or husband) to watch them so you're uninterrupted. It is so easy to get distracted working out at home. A work call or email pops up. Dinner needs to be started or pulled out of the freezer. Your neighbor walks by and starts to chat away. Everything is keeping you from focusing on your workout. So, Im going to break this one down even more. And tomorrow post will be all about how to workout with your kids on your hip. So moms, keep an eye out for that one!

5a. Put the phone away: Anyone else likely to get lost scrolling through social media, taking too many photos, or answering texts? Only to realize you've been sitting there for WAY too long. Put it away, it can wait. Keep your focus on a good workout! If youre worried about being needed for an emergency, set a different ring tone for certain people. Example: My husband and mom have different ring tones than everyone else so I know when I need to get it.

5b. Get Away: Find a place dedicated to your workout. Your living room is filled with "todo"s. The floor needs to be vacuumed, you didnt pick up your lunch plate, the dog is in your way. Some ideas may be the garage, or the park, or a space you don't go to much during the day at home, or the yard!

5c. Get anything URGENT done first. If you have a very important work email you need to answer, get it done first so its not on your mind. Nothing is worse than feeling stressed and rushed to get the workout over to get something else accomplished. This includes cleaning if you cant stand a messy house! If my house is a disaster its all I can think about! It makes me stressed and anxious, so I get that done first. Its a massive relief.

I believe we all can find our groove here! I believe we can all keep our health a priority during this uncertain time. Note to self: write a post about action during uncertainty. That one will be killer, so check back this week for that as well!

Feel free to reach out for advice or if you have any questions! Nothing makes us feel stronger mentally than feeling strong physically!

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