Home Workouts During COVID-19 Outbreak

The entire world seems to be on lockdown. This truly is a crazy time to be alive. But one of THE biggest stress and anxiety relievers is EXERCISE. Except... um. The gyms are closed. (I seriously can't believe Im even typing this). So how are we supposed to get our exercise in? Ive seen a lot of comment like "go jogging" "go for a walk" etc etc. Totally true! But not very helpful. A lot of people hate running. A lot of people need to LIFT, not just cardio for 4+ weeks. A lot of people have knee problems that prohibit them from running. And honestly, if you're a bodybuilder, you expect yourself to just jog every day and keep all of your hard earned muscle mass.

So Im looking for a way to bridge the gap between EFFECTIVE exercise, and working out at home.

I want to give you a few starter workouts to do AT HOME! But first I want to give you some tips on how to cope with exercise during this quarantine.

1. Buy some booty bands online! Team Elite Physique is selling STELLER bands online right now for $5! Which is HIS cost, and he's losing money on shipping. He's doing it out of the goodness of his heart during this rough time. Check them out here

2. Invest in ANY home equipment- the number one would be dumbbells. The best bang for your buck are the adjustable ones that have plates. I bought these here a year ago. Check them out here

3. Give yourself a little break. Exercise habits will change during this time, take it for what it is.

4. Get into a new routine. Many of us who LOVE the gym also have a habit or ritual. Maybe its getting up 5am each day, putting on clothes, taking pre workout, and driving to the gym. Try to mimic your previous workout rituals as much as possible.

5. DONT GIVE UP! Ugh the number of people I see saying this is a freebee to just "quit" is KILLING ME. People stopping caring about their nutrition. People deciding to not workout at all period. People stopping prepping for shows or anything fitness related. People saying they're excited to just sit on the couch and basically veg out while watching Netflix. PLEASE! This is extra time for YOU, especially if you're being forced to stay at home. This is MORE time you have to work on yourself and better yourself in some way, ANY WAY! Don't throw all the excuses at this. Persevere. Find a way. Work hard. Be better.


Okay! Now who wants some exercise ideas?! See below for some kick butt workouts!

I also want to mention that during this time I have an AT HOME booty builder challenge as well as a HIIT fat loss challenge starting MARCH 23rd at a fraction of the price as normal due to this months recent events. Only $15, 6 weeks, 5 workouts a week, online group and communication for all challengers, workout DEMO videos, winner with most progress gets their money back (plus a little cash prize based on number of people to sign up) and accountability! If you like some of the workouts below, these challenges are for you!

Workout 1

Super Leg Demo Video

Workout 2

Hamstring Extension Shown

Workout 3

Curtsey Lunges

If you have ANY questions about the exercises or modifications for them, message me! I would love to help! If you're interested in either the home booty builder challenge or the HIIT fat loss challenge, message me or email me at nikelleperry@gmail.com

Lets all get through this together, doing anything and everything we can!

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