Life Blueprint Goal Sheet

Now, during this quarantine period, is a great opportunity for some self and life reflection. Below I have attached a Goal Spread Sheet to help you determine your goals (both long and short term), your why and your how. All are critical to accomplishing a goal and feeling successful in life and in your progress.

"We cannot build a house without a blue print, so why would be working hard daily if we don’t have an idea about what we want our end goal/life to look like? This is to help you determine what you want your life to look like, what are your life goals? What does your life blue print look like? This will make it easier to determine what steps you should be taking now to create the life you long for.

This specific sheet is also important because without a REASON and a PLAN for a goal, the goal is worthless. We will not actively work on it and we will lose all motivation, This sheet is also to help you continually REMEMBER WHY and HOW to achieve the life you want"

Click Here to Download the Sheet!

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