Working Out With A Baby On Your Hip

During this pandemic, any momma who is trying to keep up with their exercise is doing it with their kiddos. This can be both frustrating and challenging. We don't actually get that time to focus uninterrupted on the task at hand; this includes anyone working from home, too! So how can we manage to get in a good effective workout WITH our kids? I want to go through some tips that have worked for me and some of the women I've trained over the years!

Even when we AREN'T stuck at home due to a pandemic, sometimes we have to workout with our kids on our hips. Maybe you workout at home anyways, maybe you have a busy schedule that doesnt allow gym time, maybe you're post-partum. These are all great tips to keep in mind!

I'm just going to jump right into it.

  1. Use them as a weight: Seems silly I know, but my 4yo loves to be picked up and "thrown" around. You can squat or lunge or plank or do pushups (even knee pushups) with them on your back. You can do squat to over head press holding their under arms. (Think a squat and then lift them above your head) You can do ab work while they sit on your stomach. Make them a part of it!

  2. Use a baby carrier: If they are little, you can put them in a front baby carrier! (like this one Here) And do most of your normal exercises! If your little one is a toddler, you can try a backpack style carrier (like this one Here). I've used both!

  3. Set up a play place: If you workout in your garage or yard, set out their toys and let them play! I've been using my garage as my gym and I can set out her scooter, bike, a bubble blower and some chalk and she does pretty well most of the time!

  4. Go to a park or field: We have a very large grass field by the park by our house. Some of my best quarantine workouts have been there! Ill take a big blanket and let her fill a backpack with toys, bring a snack and drink, and let her run around! She loves to follow be back and forth while I run or do lunges across the field, and normally, shes exhausted by the end of it and takes a nap!

  5. Go for a walk/run with the jogging stroller: This one is a given, but I thought id mention it. Its gets everyone some vitamin D!

  6. Put on a DVD/program workout: If your child is a little older, you can put on a workout program (think P90X or beach body or FREE ones from youtube) and have your kiddo follow along and workout with you! I've had moms who's children LOVE to follow along and be like mommy.

  7. Screen Time: I'm not winning mom of the year award for this one, but if you limit your child's screen time during the day, consider making it your workout time. I can get 30-40minutes uninterrupted if I allow screen time during my workout. Just a thought to consider.

  8. Nap time: Even if you have a baby whos under a year, try getting in 10-15 minutes of workout time during their nap time a couple times a day. Its okay to break it up! If they take longer naps, God bless the women with children who take 1+ hour naps, this is a great time to get your sweat on!

  9. Before they wake up: This is not for my post-partum mom friends. But if you can get up 1hr earlier before them, get it done! Get it out of the way! Its a huge relief and helps keep the anxiety at bay getting it done before the day starts.

  10. Find a babysitter: Or a husband, or family member to watch them even just once a week for an hour! Even if its at your house while you're home! Just have someone to keep them pre-occupied and safe. Again, this one is a life saver.

All of these have been utilized by myself in the last 3 months. It can be tiring, but its much more manageable when you have a game plan and you're not just throwing something together last minute or expecting them to not bug you while your working out. Be smart, and this can be a lot more efficient!

Have more tips and tricks that work for you? Comment some below!

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