The custom meal plans are customized for you personally. They are built for your metabolism, your body, your life style, and your preferences! It is based off of your body weight, your height, your exercise level and other important key factors many other plans do not take into consideration. That is why NikelleFit plans work. They are made FOR YOU. 


The basis of the IIFYM plan is macro counting- sticking to a certain number of carbs, fats and proteins every day to feed your body exactly what it NEEDS; nothing more, nothing less. (Just like the meal plan with one big exception...) Don't worry, its not complicated. The plan determines your macros but unlike the meal plan, you get to choose your own foods! No food is "off limits" as long as it fits your macros! Guidance is given with 2 optional sample plans that fit your macros, but they are only given for direction and as an example. Check ins are every Monday and if the plan needs to be adjusted, it will be! 

Each week we will go over healthy foods to add to your diet, or foods you currently eat that have no health benefit. So teaching you healthy habits over time is also a priority! 


Here is exactly what you get in a NikelleFit custom IIFYM plan.

  • 2 optional day plans with foods that fit your macros. You can eat to these plans, or you can choose to substitute foods, or not use them! 

  • Macro chart and a carb cycle chart- (if choosing a weight loss plan)

  • An entire explaination sheet that goes over your macros, how macros work, how carb cycling works, and an overview of your plan

  • A Master Macros Sheet for reference with foods you eat often (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts)

  • Recipes for optional meals if you choose to use them

  • A tips page to help you stay on track and make the process easier

  • Check ins every Monday for accountability and plan changes

  • Access to NikelleFit facebook page where all NikelleFit clients are added to create a great support system, share ideas, accomplishments and ask questions!

  • Restaraunt Guide for eating out


All of this is created off of the specific info you fill out on the intro sheet to your meal plan, which you recieve via email after purchase of the plan. Plan length is billed monthly. NO CONTRACT AND CANCEL WITH NOTICE AT ANYTIME

IIFYM Coaching

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$65.00Sale Price