The Healthy Habits plan is for those that want to learn about health and fitness and understand how to make healthy decisions. Each week we go over a new topic that you need to know to live a healthy lifestyle or go over a current struggle you experience and how to combat it! 

Each Healthy Habits Plan is created just for YOU. It is not cookie cutter, and each plan will be designed for you, what you need to know, and based on YOUR struggles.

You will never be TOLD what to eat, but you will learn how to choose healthier foods, how much you should eat (NOT based on macros), how to make healthy decisions in social settings, how to foster a healthy and dedicated MIND SET, how to create a healthy workout plan, and SO MUCH MORE!


Here is exactly what you get in a NikelleFit Healthy Habits Plan.

  • Your "WHY" sheet to set a goal and standard

  • A detailed goal setting sheet each week 

  • An exercise idea sheet with workout type explanations

  • New PDFs each week that go over important information (like body types, fat-loss, scientific research, etc)

  • Recipes for meal ideas

  • A tips page to help you stay on track and make the process easier

  • Check ins every Monday for accountability and plan changes

  • Access to NikelleFit facebook page where all NikelleFit clients are added to create a great support system, share ideas, accomplishments and ask questions!

  • Restaraunt Guide for eating out


Each plan is billed monthly. NO CONTRACT, CANCEL WITH NOTICE AT ANYTIME.

Healthy Habits Coaching

$85.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price